13 December 2007

Italian Wedding Soup

Made a huge batch of food over the weekend. I started by poaching a whole chicken, with the intent of using the poaching liquid and the stripped carcass as the soup base. Then I made about 300 tiny meatballs, boiling them in salted water to cook. Total pain in the butt. I also made a big (10 egg) escarole frittata in the usual way (boil escarole, drain and squeeze all liquid, then puree with eggs). I cooked and cubed it.

I froze half the meatballs and mixed the rest with the frittata. By this time, the chicken was ready. I stripped the meat, reserving for another use (eating) and threw all the bones back into the poaching liquid. I boiled and strained this.

For a weeknight meal, 3tbsp of acini di pepe soup pasta. Throw it in a couple cups of the broth, with a handful of each meatballs and frittata cubes, boil 8 minutes and serve topped with parmigiano, fresh ground black pepper and a hit of olive oil.