12 June 2006

Dinner in Trastevere

We went across the Tiber for dinner, to a packed little restaurant in a narrow street in Trastevere, the equivalent of the East Village, I suppose. Good people-watching. I coined the term "asstuary" for when a girl's pants are hanging so low in the back that you can see the entire top of her thong, to the point where it disappears between her cheeks. There was a very good example across the way, which gave us much to talk about.

The food was good. Started with suppli', the fried rice balls. Then I had risotto with shrimp and M had spaghetti alle vongole veraci (with clams). Both very good. Finished off with a big, saucy plate of veal osso buco. Delicious. M had tiramisu for dessert. I had Amaro Ramazzotti, which is very much like Jaegermeister

11 June 2006

First day in Rome

After a slow start, we headed out to the Pincio gardens in the north of the city, there, we rented bikes, with the intent of riding them across the park, locking them at the Museo Borghese, and taking in some art. Well, we bagged that early and just rode those bikes all over the city, across the Tiber to the Vatican, back to Piazza Navona, and back. Took about two hours.

Before that, we went to lunch at a place called Il Brillo Parlante (means Jiminy Cricket). M had a pizza with prosciutto, and I had mezzi bucatini con cacio e pepe e fiori di zucca. That's half bucatini (not thick straws, but thin) with cheese and black pepper, tossed and cooked with orange squash blossoms. Cheesy and delicious. Off to dinner in Trastevere!