10 June 2015

"Paleo" "Cereal"

I'm slowly dialing in my version of "paleo" "cereal", which is neither strictly paleo, and not cereal at all. I want a breakfast that is nearly as easy as a bowl of cereal, but way better for me. My requirements:

- Easy
- Filling
- Lots of protein to support my training regimen
- Lots of fiber because I'm in my forties
- Made of whole foods
- No dairy, starch, sugar
- Shovel-able, scarfable (sorry, Mom, all those table manners you drilled into me only kick in after 11am)
- Delicious enough that I eat LOTS of vegetables

This is a bowl of half an entire package of organic frozen leaf spinach, microwaved 2 minutes, topped with 1/4 c of white beans (thus not really paleo) and a 1/2 chopped andouille sausage, microwaved another minute, topped with two slow-poached eggs.

The slow-poached eggs coming along. They were fussy at first but I've got a good system now.

- 3 cups tap water in the rice cooker (reliably 68F in summer)
- Heat for 16 minutes (reliably bringing it to 177F)
- Add two large pastured eggs (look at those yolks!)
- Remove 14 minutes later and crack over my "cereal"

A grind of pepper and a splash of olive oil and commence shoveling.

All-told, this is very, very little actual effort. Mainly dumping stuff from one container into another and hitting buttons.

The next step is to move the whole affair to the microwave entirely.