29 June 2008

Simple Summer Lunch

It's so nice to be back from honeymoon and to be able to cook for us again! Not that the food wasn't great in Canada. I'll be blogging about my experiences at O Noir and Au Pied De Cochon in Montreal later, plus maybe some other foodie stuff. Here's a photo, though, of M digging in (while I'm still shooting the picture!) to today's lunch. A rotisserie chicken out the fridge, some sliced tomatoes and some PEI potatoes I did in the pressure cooker in 10 minutes yesterday.

The sauces are a storebought honey mustard dressing (meh), sriracha mayo (yum) and olive oil with Welsh smoked salt and fresh cracked Telicherry black pepper.

I chose to serve it on a cutting board and we just ate with our hands, supplementing at the end with a couple of oily lox slices to eat with the remaining potatoes (not pictured... and no dipping sauce necessary for those).

Would've been awesome with some Rosé wine like the Baux de Provence Mas de Gourgonnier 2007 we served at our rehearsal dinner and took on honeymoon with us. (Shown below with a sea snail trying to horn in on our supply.)

We bought a case of it for the rehearsal dinner, but unfortunately (or fortunately for us) the stigma attached to pink wine is still in full force and there were several leftover bottles. We were the beneficiaries, though, as we got to take those bottles all over Canada, cracking one whenever we felt summery.

Would've been great for this lunch, but we haven't found a local source yet, so we just had iced tea.