28 November 2005

I've been given the nickname Richie Meatballs by my New York friends. Guess that was one meatball sub too many. I do like my meat in ball form, I grant, but the sun does not rise and set on the meatball sub, glorious though it may be.

So, accordingly, I'm going to go home tonight and make a sopa de albondigas to the best of my ability. Spheres of succulent ground meat are a cross-cultural phenom: albondigas, polpettine, rissoles, koettbullar, soudzoukakia, frikadeller, bakso, klopse, cutlis, bitochki, ffagodau, chin nua and a bunch of variations on the root word kofta (kefte, kefta, keftede, keftethes) which proliferate across the lands which used to be the Ottoman empire, leading to the assumption that kofta or kefta is Turkish for meatball. The Ottoman Turks were big on ground meat.

Here's a recipe for Chile Rellenos Meatballs which seems like an insane idea.

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