04 November 2005

List of dishes at lunch at Ostaria del Ponte, Bagnoregio, Italy 10/5

This place is the best.  Editing this post to fix a misspelling, as it's now referenced for pasta shapes on Wikipedia.

Smoked deer carpaccio
Bresaola with parmigiano and arugula
Mixed bruschette

Ravioloni stuffed with spinach and ricotta di bufala, salsa rosa
Casoncelli (half-moons) stuffed with meat, butter-sage sauce
Fagottini (bundles) stuffed with ricotta and pear, radicchio cream sauce
Piciarelli (like fresh linguine) with tomato, sausage, hot pepper
Foglie d'uliva ("olive leaves", spinach pasta, leaf-shaped) with butter sauce, truffles

Duck with thyme
Wild boar stewed with juniper, olives, pearl onions.
Sausage and potatoes
Grilled vegetables

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