11 February 2006

I can see from reading Hungry Planet, though, that something else interesting is happening. Yes, many of the foods people eat as their culture becomes more globalized are processed and American, but there's this wonderful sharing that starts to happen just beyond that and I think that's something we can look toward. I know I'm well-travelled and have been brought up to eat a varied (if luxuriant) diet, and that I live in a very cosmopolitan city, but if you just look at my various favorite breakfasts to make at home, it shows that there's an amazing variety to be had out there now, and that if you make an effort to visit the various supermarkets of different cultures and learn about their food, you can eat better than ever. All these breakfasts use ingredients available within 20 minutes of my apartment. Assume massive amounts of fresh-brewed drip coffee with whole milk alongside all of this.
  • Sunday brunch - two eggs with half a Goya chorizo, 8-10 Ore Ida Texas Crispers fries, Heinz ketchup, Frank's Red Hot cayenne pepper sauce, mesclun salad with a little olive oil and lemon juice if I'm feeling healthy. I have to count the fries because otherwise I'll eat too much.
  • Smoothie breakfast - Guanabana smoothie (plain lowfat yogurt, honey, apple juice, Goya frozen guanabana pulp) with Swiss Family muesli
  • Italian breakfast - Caffe latte instead of drip coffee. Mulino Bianco toasts, Crema de Bel Paese cheese (Italian Velveeta), prosciutto.
  • Japanese breakfast - MSG-free ramen with an egg cracked into it.

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Lady D said...

msg-free ramen? ramen without msg is like... like... robitussin without alcohol.