22 February 2006

Won Jo

I had lunch at Won Jo, a Korean restaurant on 32nd between Broadway and 5th with my friend Liz. I guess I've had Korean before, like the soft tofu stew from Cafe Duke but have never been to a Korean restaurant. The menu offered all sorts of appetizing-in-their-unappetizingness items like soups with goat meat and squid (not together, but that is an idea).

We both had bibimbap, the rice dish. It came in a stone bowl, which Liz tells me keeps the food hot for longer and also creates a crust, much like stuck-pot rice. Some of that garnishes that came along with the kimchee were a bit strange, like what appeared to be shrimp shells, and some black beans that looked like raisins and were a little bit chewy, but the meal itself was very satisfying. You break the egg yolk that comes on top and stir in the beef, mushrooms, seaweed, and other garnishes that come on top of the rice. The bowl sizzles for a good few minutes after they bring it to the table.

It was also served with hot barley tea. Overall, a very nice meal. The Citysearch review of Won Jo mentions brusque service. The service was not great, but for a lunch special, it was a lot of fun.

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