12 June 2006

Dinner in Trastevere

We went across the Tiber for dinner, to a packed little restaurant in a narrow street in Trastevere, the equivalent of the East Village, I suppose. Good people-watching. I coined the term "asstuary" for when a girl's pants are hanging so low in the back that you can see the entire top of her thong, to the point where it disappears between her cheeks. There was a very good example across the way, which gave us much to talk about.

The food was good. Started with suppli', the fried rice balls. Then I had risotto with shrimp and M had spaghetti alle vongole veraci (with clams). Both very good. Finished off with a big, saucy plate of veal osso buco. Delicious. M had tiramisu for dessert. I had Amaro Ramazzotti, which is very much like Jaegermeister

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