04 August 2006


My friend from Florence came to visit last night. She's been in town for a few weeks, but we've not managed to get together. I had thought that it might be a good opportunity to try another izakaya but then thought better of it. M came home and suggested we got to Chola, an Indian place nearby with a high Zagat rating and a low pricetag.

We had:

Chicken Chutneywala - mango-coconut curry sauce with pieces of chicken. Yum.
Staff Goat Curry - goat on the bone, spicy brown curry sauce. Not the best thing at the table, but still good.
Five-grain daal - spicy, but very, very good. I'm pretty sure they savoried-up the dish with a dose of Marmite, which I've seen in Indian food stores like Dowell Quality Products.
Mutton Biryani - This was tasty, but not the standout.

The service was very nice. I'm going to try out the daal with Marmite thing some time soon. I see there's a Marmite Cookbook on Amazon.

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