06 February 2007

Delice Sauce

My mom has come through with her recipe for delice sauce.

"Delice Sauce is 1 cup of bechamel sauce with about 2 tbsp ketchup, 1 tsp vinegar and a pinch of curry powder."

Thanks, mom!

Despite the above looking a lot like the way I rattle off my recipes, it's not how my mom usually rolls. This is her just dashing something off in an email, probably from Italy, definitely from memory. When she really wants to talk about food, though, she's a real pro. My mom's cookbook, linked below, is a collection of some of the most thoroughly tested recipes I've ever encountered. She managed to weather the low-fat "revolution" without ever sacrificing her dedication to taste. The hundred recipes in this book were culled from over four hundred favorites, each whittled down to reasonable amounts of fat without sacrificing flavor, and they're all fantastic. You can follow them to the letter and they will return great results every time. It's a great testament to my mother that she can have this kind of precision and marshal the kinds of resources necessary for real recipe testing, but when necessary can just rattle off a list to help out in a pinch.

Oh, and after all that work, she donated the entire book to charity.

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