01 February 2007

Kamikaze Karaoke

Couldn't find my mom's cookbook to get the shrimp delice recipe. I'll try again tonight after Kamikaze Karaoke.

I came up with this idea after leaving a karaoke night relatively early. We were doing karaoke with my friend Rob's dad and we got out of there at 11pm, went somewhere else and had a sedate drink. In bed by midnight. No problem. Also, I noticed at the karaoke place that before 8pm Sunday through Thursday, private rooms were only $4 per person per hour, as opposed to $8 after 8pm. A light bulb went on. We could use the price jump as a stopping point and get out of there in a reasonable amount of time. So, no interminable procession of 80's songs, no huge bills, no hangovers. Here's the rules:
  1. Leave work at 6pm sharp.
  2. One hour only. From the moment we enter the room, it's a hard stop at 60 minutes.
  3. Two drink maximum.
  4. Everyone must sing.
There's sort of a three-to-five-person maximum with this sort of thing. Sixty minutes means fewer than a dozen songs, probably, so with more people, the total cost increases and the songs per person decrease. Three people pay $12 for 12 songs. Four pay $16 for 12 songs. And so on. If more people want to go, there's always the possibility of getting two rooms and changing up the mix at 30 minutes.

Karaoke Duet on 35th St has small private rooms, and they offer the deal, so that's where the magic happens. The amount of resolve needed to put down the mike at 60 minutes is gargantuan. Strength, fail me not.

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