16 April 2007

Finally, a name I can live with

So I've relocated and renamed my blog, hopefully for the last time (for a while). It's now richcooks.blogspot.com as you know since you're here. I've also created a Google Groups mailing list if you want to sign up to get new post notifications delivered directly to your inbox. Not that I think it's sooooo important that my little musings get to you immediately, lest they lose their inherent rich-ness, but because I know it's a hassle to keep checking someone's site if they post irregularly, and some people don't use feed readers, despite the awesomeness of Google Reader.

Eating over the weekend: Japanese curry; spicy chorizo and butter bean soup; ate at Jublilee, a French place around the corner (literally) and it was good, not awesome, but cassoulet and a cold Brouilly hit the spot, plus there was awesome lobster for M.

OH, and some spring cleaning unearthed a mutant potato that had dropped behind the Metro shelves we use as a prep area. Posting pics in the next post (hopefully using another Google product, Picasa).

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