02 May 2007

Gin Snobs

The New York Times just ran a story which denigrates vodka and celebrates gin. Piffle. They're just mad that they've been overpaying for Grey Goose like the rest of us for years. (Most of those ratings you see that put Smirnoff at the bottom and Grey Goose at the top are sighted, not blind tastings. With blind tastings, vodkas get ranked pretty randomly. It's all marketing... witness the spelling of the first word in "Grey Goose".)

I've found this to be true:
You can't trust a woman who drinks gin after sunset.
This may sound sexist, but the fact is you can't trust a man who drinks gin, period...

Unless it's a Ramos Gin Fizz... or the occasional Salty Dog... and I've always enjoyed a cold G&T on a hot afternoon. The Negroni's not a bad drink, though I'd rather have just the Campari with soda. Oh hell, I guess I'd rather cop to untrustworthiness than ruin the symmetry of the aphorism.

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