11 February 2006

After dinner at Sobaya, I went Asian food shopping while M rented a car for her work the next day. Found some good stuff. Miso-flavor ramen noodles that are very good, not at all like the Maruchan crap you get in the store. I used them for "Japanese breakfast". I added an egg to the ramen as it boiled. Not particularly original, but very good for a salty comforting breakfast after a night of drinking.

But the real standout was the Japanese curry. When my folks lived in LA and I'd go visit, we'd always stop by the Japanese curry house. It was a cheap meal that was always tasty. Well, turns out it's really easy to make, too. I picked up the hot version of Golden Curry and made it last night. Very tasty. You just fry up an onion and some boneless skinless chicken thigh (chopped into chunks), then add chunks of carrot and potato and some water and a block of the curry mix. It's sort of like a roux, so that it dissolves and thickens at the same time. Simmer for about half and hour and you're done. The sauce didn't thicken up enough for my taste, so I threw in a spoonful of cooked rice to simmer down into a thickening rice starch. I think in future, throwing a tablespoon of uncooked rice in at the beginning of simmering might be a good idea. Anyway, it's a dead-easy recipe and makes for a tasty meal with a salad on the side and some good jasmine rice to pour it over. The hot version was what I'd call medium, but maybe I diluted it too much. Just pleasantly spicy.

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