07 February 2006

Had dinner at Sobaya last night. Pretty good. I got curry chicken with soba noodles. M got duck with soba. I also had smoked, seared yellowtail cheek. M's brother-in-law was a little put off by the strange Japanese food, but seemed to like his. Altogether a pretty good meal, but I'm still a fan of Village Yokocho for the fact that you can take anyone there and get them a good healthy and or hearty meal. I think VY is a little cheaper as well.

Afterward, M went and rented a car for her jaunt the next day and I went to the Asian market. Got some barley tea and some Japanese hot curry cubes. I'm excited to try them out, as I love the soupy, simple Japanese curry. I got the hot variety and will be curious to see how it compares to the regular curry house stuff.

M and I went to Boston over the weekend. Foodie highlights:
  • great canoli at Mike's Pastry in the North End
  • great Hunan-style sea bass at a restaurant that I had my doubts about (Golden Temple)
  • found a decent approximation of the ingredients for "Italian Breakfast", my decadent Lubriano breakfast concoction of Mulino Bianco crackers, Bel Paese cream cheese, and prosciutto.
  • brunch on Sunday featured homemade corned beef hash.
That is all.

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