12 March 2006

A basic lunch

M is down for the whole weekend, so we're enjoying a lazy Sunday this afternoon. Smoothie breakfast (guanabana flavor), reading, hanging out. I had the idea this morning of making a parfait with the white guanabana smoothie and the muesli in layers. Yum!

For lunch, I had a bag of potatoes that needed to be cooked, so I scrubbed and boiled them, figuring they'd be a good raw material for whatever I made later today or later on this week. Well, they actually became the main course for lunch. We had a warm potato salad, vaguely reminiscent of a cobb salad, actually.
  • I started with two bowls and in each crumbled some unbelievably good Valdeon blue cheese (wrapped in oak leaves). Then a dash of red wine vinegar, black pepper, and a shot of olive oil, mixed them together into a chunky paste.
  • I chopped up and smashed a medium boiled potato for each bowl, tossing it with the dressing.
  • While this was going, I fried a diced Goya chorizo and a diced onion in a little more olive oil. I crushed in a clove of garlic and then threw in about a cup of shelled edamame.
  • When the chorizo was browned, the onions soft, the garlic just browning, and the soy peas cooked, I split the mixture between the two bowls, then topped with a quartered hard-boiled egg, and a few more crumbles of cheese.
  • I finished with pepper, a drizzle of good oil, and a sprinkle of red wine vinegar.
The colors were actually the nicest part, with they yellow of the yolk, the red of the chorizo, the green of the soy peas, with the white of the egg whites and potatoes, plus a shot of color from the blue cheese. Really tasty, too, especially warm.

(Editors note: on reflection, maybe some frozen baby peas would've been better than edamame in this.)

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