13 March 2006

Vegetable Dinner

Dinner was less successful than lunch. I went to the store and got some supplies. We ended up with udon noodles in portobello mushroom soup with grilled chicken breasts, which was fine, but as M pointed out, the noodle soup weather is waning now.

I also made a side dish of chickpeas, brussels sprouts, beet greens, onions, and chorizo (yes, again). It was good but needs improvement.

Made roasted beets, too. Roasted in foil for 2 hours at 350° with a little olive oil and salt. Maybe next time I'll save the foil and just roast them in cast iron. Or maybe even beets en pappillote. The recipe called for simply washing them and leaving the stems on. The peels just slide right off the beets with the outer layer of flesh. Even if they're too hot to handle, you can do this under cold running water and be fine, plus they'll retain enough of their heat, even under the water, to serve immediately. I would have liked a little chopped flat-leaf parsley and maybe some lemon, but they were great just all by themselves. Looking forward to fresh spring veggies!

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