10 January 2008

Yearly Inspiration

So my birthday's coming up, and I'm asking you, dear reader, for a present. My email address is right there, just to the right of this post. Shoot me a quick email and let me know that you read regularly, if you do. It'll help keep me motivated to keep putting stuff up in 2008.

You can also help with suggesting topics or things you'd like to see. One of my resolutions is to start adding pictures to the blog.

If you're truly lurking and are too shy to email me directly, just comment anonymously on this post so I know you're there.


Josh said...

Loyal reader here, who makes a point to focus his gaze regularly on this one point of light amongst all the glimmers out there in the vast internettle. Like hearing about the good meals, especially the odd little details, scraps of serendipity and bits of food science that go into preparing them. Thanks and keep up the good work, Rich. And happy birthday!

ms.bri said...

Just found you because of silly Facebook! I love a blog. Can I add you to my roll? www.unwellness.com

My current cooking conundrum - is it possible to make a tasty bread using ALL whole wheat flour?