15 May 2012

A Simple Ratatouille

Ratatouille gives me the shivers. The sliminess of eggplant, combined with the cooked pastiness of tomato paste, finished with stale dried herbs. I never think, "I want ratatouille."

But the thing is, without giving myself too much credit, I make great ratatouille. I have converted several people.

I love it tossed with orecchiette and topped with cheese, as in this picture (Sorry for the blur. I'm no smittenkitchen.com.)

Finished with garden-grown chives and a chive flower, this was a simple, healthful vegetarian dinner, and it's really simple.

I've started keeping my recipes publicly available on trello.com. Thus, when I improve and tweak them, they're not frozen in time in a blog post.

Here's the link to my ratatouille recipe. The basic idea is you get one of each vegetable involved, chop, saute over medium heat in the correct order, toss in a can of diced tomatoes, and you're done. I might try this again with fresh tomato once they're in season.

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