24 May 2012

Trello for Recipes

The company I'm lucky enough to be a part of, Fog Creek Software, makes a very flexible application called Trello.

It's not really a to-do list. It's just a flexible place to put a bunch of stuff online, and edit it and organize it. Really, the tagline says it best: Organize anything, together.

Anyway, I've had friends after me to get some recipes online, so I decided to use Trello to publish some of my recipes and also keep track of the recipes that are in my head, but not written down anywhere.

Right now, it's got some of my recipes, but those are outnumbered by awesome recipes I found online somewhere. Those are already written down, after all.

So here it is, RichCooks Recipes on Trello. You can vote and comment on recipes if you create a Trello account.


David Dawson said...

Not anymore. Looks like it's private or no longer available. I like the idea though.

David Dawson said...

Not anymore. It looks like it's either gone or private. I like the idea though and would appreciate seeing how you've implemented it. Right now I just use a loooooong Google Doc for personal recipes. I've been waiting for a better way!

Rich said...

Fixed! Don't know why it broke.

David Dawson said...

Thanks. Great way to share recipes. I like the flexibility, ability to group by status (tested, to establish) and that you can share and comment.

ya.moonlight said...

Thank a lot for sharing!!